Short Essay On History Of Zero

Over a period of time, the concept became known to the western world.

In the medieval period, zero was extensively used in calculations.

It is quite useful in the calculation in algebra and arithmetic.

Exponents: The exponents in the order of 10 are interrelated to the frequency of zeros in the number.

Without zero, it is not possible to describe the concept of null set.

Zero is also instrumental in creating numerous physical quantities that have become part and parcel of the science stream.

In addition, when the whole number is subtracted from itself the number would be zero.

Interesting division property: The division property of zero is quite interesting as any number dividing zero will give the result as zero while anything divided by zero is an indeterminate quantity.

It is considered as a whole number; therefore zero is also a rational and real number.

One of the unique about the numeral is that it is not a prime and composite number. Well, the truth is that it is neither a positive nor a negative number.


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