Shiite Versus Sunni Essay

Shortly before the outbreak of the 1980 Iran-Iraq war, when it became apparent that the two countries were headed for a military conflict, then-prime minister Menachem Begin is rumored to have said, “We wish both sides success.”Had Begin known at the time that the war would drag on for eight years and that as many as a million – including thousands of child soldiers – would lose their lives, he would have likely chosen his words differently.

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The rift appeared because of a small political disagreement on who was to be Muhammad... As a result, what may need to happen is that Iraq may have to become a Shia only country.

Since Iraq is one of the few Shia majority countries, with the rest being Sunni majority, the Sunni Muslims can relocate from Iraq to one of the Sunni majority countries nearby, and any Shia muslims who want to move to Iraq can.

Yoel Guzansky, a research fellow at Tel Aviv University’s Institute for National Security Studies, the ramifications – even for Israel – can be negative.

If Iran and Saudi Arabia openly clash, stability in the region will be compromised. The fragile situation on our northern border is an example of how conflicts in one area of the region metastasize to other areas.

The Iranians, unlike the Saudis, have declared themselves to be enemies of the Jewish state and have threatened to “wipe Israel off the map.” Iran with nuclear weapon capability is as much a threat to Saudi Arabia as it is to Israel.

Perhaps one good thing might come out of the recent tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia, says Guzansky.

With falling oil prices and the conflicts in Yemen and Syria, neither Iran nor Saudi Arabia has an interest in opening another front.

The two countries would most likely prefer to continue to fight one another through proxies, as they are doing presently in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

The Saudis did not have such stellar relations with the Iranians in the first place.

But even if the current tension escalates, says Dr.


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