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There is also disguise, when Portia and Nerissa disguise themselves as male layers to save Antonio from the bond. Rodriguez feels that he can take Desdemona whenever he wants; since she is taken by Othello, who is not a native of the Venice (Shakespeare......

The idea f Shylock taking a pound f flesh from...... Shylock The Merchant of Venice is considered both as comedy and tragedy.

There is also the idea f deception, which is featured in many fairy tales. Despite the respect from the citizens, there always appear envious people in the society.

An example f this idea is when Jessica betrays her father to elope with Lorenzo. Rodrigo, a wealthy business man; is in love with Desdemona, Othello’s wife.

The Merchant of Venice If a man has prejudged, negative opinions against a group of people, because of race, colour, wealth or any other reason, can he be considered to be “uneducated” in the modern world or has society merely educated him with narrow-minded views?

The Jews were a mysterious race reputed to be financially notorious and degenerate and thus were constantly subjugated and constricted….

Compare and contrast the two worlds of Venice and Belmont depicted in Shakespear’s “The Merchant of Venice” “The Merchant of Venice” is a play written by Shakespeare.

It corresponds two very contrasting stories and settings.

Like many other Shakespearean women, Portia becomes an important character despite the presence of other strong characters such as Anotnio and Shylock. The Merchant of Venice In reference to Marxists, literature is portrayed as the social s out of which it comes up and is itself a social institution with a specific ideological......

Even though the position of women in shakespeare’s times was not one which could have made this a realistic play, the approach taken by Shakespeare certainly makes Portia the strongest character. Anti-Semitism in The Merchant of Venice The character of Shylock in Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice (c.1597) has always raised questions about the anti-Semitic content of Shakespeare's play.


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