Service Quality Customer Satisfaction Research Paper

Service Quality Customer Satisfaction Research Paper-84
Studying the constructs of service quality can help the organizations in a long way which can ultimately facilitate customers with improved services.The paper aims to contribute to existing research by studying the models on linkages between service quality, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty and summarizing these models with a view to providing an idea for future research.

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The paper, firstly, examines different aspects of service quality measurement reported in the literature, and secondly, the models of service quality linkages with customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, and finally, summarizes the models to get an idea about their practical implications and highlights the areas for further research.

Literature Review Service Quality Quality has been recognized as a strategic tool for attaining efficiency and improved business performance.

Various models and scales exist in the literature to measure retail bank service quality without any attempt at integrating them and the moderators have often been under explored.

The purpose of this paper is to integrate the SERVQUAL and BSQ models and moderated the resulting scale with price in order to examine service quality and customer satisfaction with retail bank services in Ghana.

In order to promote them effectively, a service provider must first identify the dimensions used by consumer to evaluate service quality.

The importance of service sector and emphasis on service quality have reached beyond theoretical discussion.Brown and Swartz (1989) argued that consistent delivery of superior service is the strategy that is increasingly being offered as a key to success by service providers to position themselves more effectively in the marketplace.Financial services providers struggle to distinguish themselves from the competition as customers perceive very little difference in the products offered by financial services and any new offering is quickly matched by competitors.Service quality is a concept that has aroused considerable interest and debate in the research literature because of the difficulties in both defining it and measuring it with no overall consensus emerging on either (Wisniewski, 2001).There are a number of different 'definitions' as to what is meant by service quality.The study provides an expanded model for measuring retail bank service quality as seven of the eight latent constructs emerged as service quality dimensions when moderated with price.It is significant to also note that five of the constructs – tangibles, reliability, assurance, empathy and price – from the direct relationship emerged as the dimensions of retail bank service quality that positively and significantly predicted customer satisfaction.Nevertheless, future research in this field should consider exploring further individual similarities and differences in influencing the implementation of service quality by organizations, other research designs that can better describe the patterns of change and the direction and magnitude of causal relationships amongst variables of interest, the need for more diverse organizations to be involved, other specific technical and environmental qualities as an important link between service quality and many aspects of customer outcomes, and the useof a larger sample sizes.Introduction During the past two-and-a-half decades, many regulatory, structural, and technological factors contributed to significant changes in the financial services marketing environment in the US as well as around the world (Angur et al., 1999).Data were analysed using exploratory factor analysis, Cronbach’s internal consistency and score.Further outcomes show that service quality dimensions are significant predictors of customer satisfaction and loyalty with the commitment dimension accounting for the highest degree of this impact.


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