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If you have three specific aims, for example, you should have three subsections under "Research Design" and three subsections under "Methods" that follow the order of the specific aims.

The order of items in a Progress Report of a renewal application should parallel the order of the specific aims of the preceding proposal.

When you are sure that your outline is complete and you are happy with it, go back and check once more for good logical order and parallel construction.

For example, if you are making an outline for a grant application, the outline should account for every item requested in the agency instructions and should have the items in the order requested by the funding agency.

Many proposal writers do not even recognize that the agency has done part of the work by providing the first--and sometimes second--levels of the outline, which are usually denoted by roman numerals and prescribe major headings that need to be included.

Liane Reif-Lehrer conducts grant-writing workshops across the U. To fully address straightforward and complex instructions, make sure outlines tackle aspects of the application instructions.

Science Research Paper Outline

Below is an example of part of an outline that Reif-Lehrer uses in her workshops.But in social sciences, when we think of a sum of 4, should we consider 3 1 to be the same as 2 2?Writing in sociology for research requires many well thought out methods detailed in your sociology research paper outline.It's like picking ripe fruit off a tree: You can start with level three.Likewise, if you are writing a research paper, start to make your outline using the instructions of the journal for the format/headings the journal requires; e.g., Summary, Introduction/Background, Methods, Discussion, References.The study of our society is fascinating and the facts you come across in your sociology term papers can have several interpretations.In hard sciences, data is often concrete without much wiggle room.Similar structuring can be used for different sections of an application. The first part, Background, will generally be the longest part of this section, even though it is often the least important from the perspective of the reviewer's ability to judge the quality of the applicant as a scientist.Any bright high school senior can probably write a good Background section, given enough time in the library. When my outline is as good as I think I can get it, I simply export it into my word processing program, remove the indents, add the requisite connecting words, and with very little additional effort I have a logical, finished product that usually requires relatively little revision.Don't begin to write until you are 99.99% happy with your outline.


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