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Naturally, this was exceptionally problematic with more than 1.6 million students taking the exam in a given year.

Naturally, this was exceptionally problematic with more than 1.6 million students taking the exam in a given year.

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More than a few highly-regarded universities are seriously reconsidering the importance of test scores in their admission decisions.

Enrollment personnel at George Washington say that the new test-optional approach to admissions “should strengthen and diversify an already outstanding applicant pool and will broaden access for those high-achieving students who have historically been underrepresented at selective colleges and universities, including students of color, first-generation students and students from low-income households.” This many years removed from the fact, it’s easy to miss the irony. test typically administered to new army recruits in the early 20th century, an experimental college-readiness assessment was distributed to a select group of students in 1926.

But in fact, the test which is today so often criticized for its cultural biases was originally proliferated as a way to heighten inclusiveness in the nation’s top universities. Then in 1933, Harvard President James Bryant Conant sought a way to expand upon a pool of recruits which was traditionally drawn from only a select number of elite boarding schools.

If you think it’s absurd that the potential of each and every U. student (that’s about 20 million for those of you scoring at home) could be effectively measured by a single instrument, you’re in good company.

Let’s impose an arbitrary diagnostic with the power to erase every accomplishment logged over more than a decade of public schooling. In the case of the SAT, and its closest competitor, the ACT, that oversimplification manifests as a single catch-all score designed to encapsulate a student’s aptitude for learning.

This past summer, George Washington University joined a growing set of schools both private and public when it decided to make such testing optional for its applicants.

Well if George Washington University is to be taken at face value, diversity is the top motive.

The SAT has long been the subject of criticism for its latent racial and cultural biases.

Critics argue that the test’s content and makeup inherently disadvantage impoverished, immigrant, and minority students.


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