Sales And Marketing Business Plan Template

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Lastly, set individual milestones for your sales team as well.

These individual goals need to take into account the differences among your salespeople.

First, we need to know the market we’re in and the niche we’re going to occupy so we can properly position our business for growth (and to achieve the goals in your sales plan). Essentially, it’s what your business specializes in, but it goes a bit deeper than that.

A niche is the space your business occupies, not just with your products, but with your content, your company culture, your branding, and your message.

It’s how people identify with you and search you out over the competition.

As serial entrepreneur Jason Zook explains: If you’re stuck, start by going back to your own strengths. Pick a field where the odds are already in your favor.

Clear deadlines and manageable milestones take research and time to develop.

They should challenge and motivate your sales team, without being so difficult they kill morale.

Again, start with last year’s numbers (if you have them).

Track how sales revenues increased annually and compare your company to the industry standards.


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