Roy Thomas Fielding Doctoral Dissertation

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Beginning with the Fall 2009 semester, electronic submission of doctoral dissertations and master's theses, excluding MFA theses, is mandatory.

For more information, visit the Graduate College website.

(2018), She was a quiet storm PDF Butterfield, Natalie (2018), Kinematics and evolution of massive star formation in the central molecular zone of the galactic center PDF Caceres, Andrea Patricia (2018), The effects of implant design variations on shoulder instability following reverse shoulder arthroplasty PDF Cai, Changjie (2018), Development of a portable aerosol collector and spectrometer (PACS) PDF Cai, Han Qin (2018), Accelerating truncated singular-value decomposition: a fast and provable method for robust principal component analysis PDF Callahan, Noaquia (2018), Heat of the day: Mary Church Terrell and African American feminist transnational activism PDF Campbell, Summer L.

(2018), An evaluation of an automated, interactive learning method for a database query language PDF Carlos, Angella Betina Asuncion (2018), Filtered and forward - rewind: finding a new artistic voice through collaborative dance-making processes PDF Carrion, Deva P.

(2018), Toward a raced connective media: black resistance online PDF Markland, Kendra Marie (2018), Relating functional microbial diversity to eastern Iowa alluvial aquifer groundwater chemistry PDF Marks, Theodore Pearson (2018), Bedtime for the Middle Stone Age: land use, strategic foraging, and lithic technology at the end of the Pleistocene in the Namib Desert, Namibia PDF Marley, Caitlin A.

(2018), Sentiments, networks, literary biography: towards a mesoanalysis of Cicero's Corpus PDF Maruszczak, Alex (2018), Geochemical variations in off-axis alkaline glasses - Snaefellsnes Peninsula, Iceland PDF Matthews, Kevin Andrew (2018), Spatiotemporal correlation analysis of colorectal cancer late-stage incidence, mortality, and survival: Iowa, 1999 to 2010 PDF Matthiesen, Robert Armin (2018), Synthesis of carboxyphosphonates and bisphosphonates as potential GGTase II and GGDPS inhibitors PDF Mattson, Rebecca Ruth (2018), Submerged attached-growth reactors as lagoon retrofits for cold-weather ammonia removal PDF Mc Cormick, Kathryn (2018), Operator algebras, matrix bundles, and Riemann surfaces PDF Mc Glaughlin, Katy Brooke (2018), Crucible the musical?If you would like to grant this permission to the University Libraries, please use this form.Theses and dissertations will be digitized as time allows and will not become immediately accessible.(2018), Matched delegation: linking work design characteristics, team roles, and demands of work PDF Castro, Ana N.(2018), The role of the anti-σ factor Rsi V in stress response in Clostridium difficile and Bacillus subtilis PDF Caswell, Brandon Christopher (2018), ⁴⁰AR/³⁹AR geochronology of biotite from ductile shear zones of the Ellesmere-Devon crystalline terrane, Nunavut, Canadian Arctic PDF Cernuto, Joseph Raymond (2018), Analytical, interpretative, and performance guides for conductors and soloists to John Mackey's Harvest: concerto for trombone, Drum music: concerto for percussion, and Antique violences: concerto for trumpet PDF Cervantes, Juan (2018), Tempering spatial autocorrelation in the residuals of linear and generalized models by incorporating selected eigenvectors PDF Chamberlain, Tawny (2018), Individual, agency, and state economic characteristics: a comparative analysis across state-federal vocational rehabilitation agencies PDF Chang, Jennifer (2018), The neuropsychological functioning of children and adolescents with anorexia nervosa PDF Chang, Nai-Chung Nelson (2018), Identifying factors influencing hand hygiene compliance during the patient care sequence PDF Chapman, Paige Renee Madsen (2018), Innovation attributes and electronic word-of-mouth: impact on likelihood to adopt health apps and health behaviors PDF Chen, Wei (2018), Does information asymmetry affect firm disclosure?If you need to extend an embargo on your thesis, please contact the Graduate College on this form.All Ph D dissertations from 1997 to present are available to University of Iowa faculty, students and staff from Pro Quest.Jason (2018), The effects of competition on choice PDF Benhardus, Nellene (2018), British literary decadence and religion PDF Bentz, Bobbi Buckner (2018), Retention of international medical graduates participating in the Iowa Conrad 30 program PDF Berrizbeitia, Ana (2018), Invariants of HOPF actions on path algebras of quivers PDF Berumen Cantu, Jorge Alberto (2018), Kinetic picture of ion acoustic wave reflection using laser-induced fluorescence PDF Betancourt, Catalina (2018), Persistence heatmaps for knotted data sets PDF Bigsby, Kristina Gavin (2018), From hashtags to Heismans: social media and networks in college football recruiting PDF Biswas, Sampurna (2018), Structured & learnable regularizers for modeling inverse problems in fast MRI PDF Black, Ellen Marie (2018), Assessing the impacts of native freshwater mussels on nitrogen cycling microbial communities using metagenomics PDF Blake, Anastasia V.(2018), X-ray absorption spectroscopy studies of metal coordination complexes and investigations toward novel Actinide/Lanthanide separation methods PDF Bon Durant, Lucas Donald (2018), Regulation of glucose homeostasis by FGF21 PDF Booth, Kevin T.(2018), Is episodic future thinking important for instrumental activities of daily living in neurological patients? PDF Budruweit, Kelly (2018), Believing in books: twenty-first century fantasy and the re-enchantment of literary value PDF Buehler, Emily Michelle (2018), Seeking support online: the unique and combined effects of anonymity and visibility on costs and dimensions of messages PDF Buranasudja, Visarut (2018), DNA damage and disruption of cellular bioenergetics contribute to the anti-cancer effects of pharmacological ascorbate PDF Burke, Laura C.


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