Roman Empire Culture Essay

Roman Empire Culture Essay-12
On the other hand the developers of the communist theory Marx and Engels were also Germans.Germans drink a lot of beer, eat sausages and make bread of different taste. It is estimated that the average German consumes around 140 liters of beer per year.Though English-speaking countries call it Germany, Germans themself call it Deutschland.

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The German publishers, publish around 94 thousand new books each year, and the International Frankfurt Book Fair, which is the most important book event in the world, is held in Germany.

Many don’t know, but the first known book was printed in German, just as the first ever known magazine.

German culture has been influenced and shaped throughout Germany‘s rich history once as an important part of The Holy Roman Empire, and later on as one of the most stable economies in the world.

Whereas today, Germany is home to 82.2 million people including Germans and minorities of other nationalities that respect each other, and together make Germany a country of values, unique celebrations, and customs.

There are breads with different shapes, black and white, with different tastes and names, sweet, soft, plain with all types of seeds you could think of.

The German cuisine is also rich with different types of delicious traditional foods, as well as vegetarian and vegan.The people, language, and traditions are what make the German culture unique.It has had a key role in the history of Europe, and not only.English speakers call it Germany, Germans themselves call it Deutschland.Germany is known as the country of poets and thinkers.The German symbols have changed through different phases in history alongside the events that have shaped its culture and traditions.The eagle was part of the Holy Roman Empire, which after Prussia’s victory over Austria in 1886 has been shared by two different states.Martin Luther and luminaries as Immanuel Kant, Johann Gottfried von Herder and Johann Wolfgang Goethe are also important figures and very contentious symbols.Today the most known symbol of the country is its black, red and gold flag Germany is one of the leading nations when it comes to reading, too.Only in 2012 alone, Germans drank 2.25 gallons of beer, which is actually the lowest level since the fall of the Berlin wall in 1990.They are the second largest beer consumers in Europe, after the Czech.


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