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” Female Bodies as Sites of Resistance in the Three Stories of Postcolonial Author Mahasweta Devi Chen, Chao-Ying (2018) Droplet Spreading on a Substrate Cheng, Jian (2018) Evaluation of Economic Improvement in United States and China Pork Industry Through Modeling and Genetic Tools Cheng, Yichuan (2018) U. Are computerised profiling tools effective in support of AML procedures as required by MLROs and compliance officers in a banking sector context?Trevor (2018) Religion and Movement Activism in 1960s Chicago Busquets, Ashley (2018) An Investigation of Micro-Surface Shaping on the Piston/Cylinder Interface of Axial Piston Machines Busse, Rebecca (2018) Evaluating the Effects of Education on Student Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior Regarding Food Waste Butler, Breanne Suzanne Muratori (2018) Interplay of Endogenous and Exogenous Biochemical Species on Neuropathic Pain after Spinal Cord Injury Buzan, Jonathan R (2018) Quantifying Human Heat Stress in Working Environments, and Their Relationship to Atmospheric Dynamics, Due to Global Climate Change Cai, Chao (2018) Understanding the Molecular Mechanism of Arsenic Tolerance and Accumulation in Pteris vittata Cai, Luyao (2018) Magnetic Resonance Imaging for the Functional Analysis of Tissues and Biomaterials Canelón, Silvia P (2018) Characterization of Type I Collagen and Osteoblast Response to Mechanical Loading Cao, Lianjie (2018) Data-driven Resource Allocation in Virtualized Environments Cao, Lijun (2018) Dynamic Bearing Simulation Using Combined EFEM-DEM Method Cao, Qian (2018) High Resolution Temperature Measurement Using Ters Carreiro, Alicia L (2018) Regulation of Intestinal Lipid Storage and Mobilization Carrell, Sylvia T (2018) Safegua RDP: An Architecture for Mediated Control of Desktop Applications by Untrusted Crowd Workers Carreon, Michelle E (2018) A Solidarity Economy on the Border: Examining Historical and Contemporary Case Studies in El Paso, Texas as De Facto Contributors to a U.

” Female Bodies as Sites of Resistance in the Three Stories of Postcolonial Author Mahasweta Devi Chen, Chao-Ying (2018) Droplet Spreading on a Substrate Cheng, Jian (2018) Evaluation of Economic Improvement in United States and China Pork Industry Through Modeling and Genetic Tools Cheng, Yichuan (2018) U.

The relations between the productions of broadcasting organisations, the social experiences of audiences and the meaning attached to programmes, with particular reference to recent institutional and technical changes in mass communications.

The American anti-colonial tradition and international accountability for dependent peoples: A study of the American role in the establishment of the League of Nations mandates system and the United Nations trusteeship system.

Policy innovation, asymmetric decentralization and local economic development in post-Mao China -- Case studies of China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park and Kunshan Economic and Technological Development Zone.

International co-operation in the use of elite military forces to counter terrorism: The British and American experience, with special reference to their respective experiences in the evolution of low-intensity operations.

D.) Probabilistic data-driven predictive models for energy applications, Advisor: Roger Ghanem. D.) Physico-chemical properties and source apportionment of size-fractionated airborne particulate matter in urban areas with implications for public health, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas. D.) Structural Nonlinear Control Strategies to Provide Life Safety and Serviceability, Advisor: Erik Johnson. D.) Hydraulic Fracturing and the Environment: Risk Assessment for Groundwater Contamination from Well Casing Failure, Advisor: Fred Aminzadeh. D.) Optimizing Biomembrane Reactor Systems for Water Reclamation and Reuse Applications, Advisor: Massoud Pirbazari. D.) The Development of a Hydraulic-Control Wave-maker (HCW) for the Study of Non-Linear Surface Waves, Advisor: Patrick Lynett. D.) Risk Assessment, Intrinsic Interpolation and Computationally Efficient Models for Systems Under Uncertainty, Advisor: Roger Ghanem. D) Development Of Novel Techniques For Evaluating Physical, Chemical And Toxicological Properties Of Particulate Matter In Ambient Air, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas. D.) Building Occupancy Modeling and Occupancy-Loads Relationships for Building Heating/Cooling Energy Efficiency, Advisor: Burcin Becerik. D.) Three-Dimensional Diffraction and Scattering of Elastic Waves around Hemispherical Surface Topographies, Advisor: Vincent Lee. D.) Train Induced Vibrations in Poroelastic Media, Advisor: Hung Wong. D.) Low-Cycle Fatigue Effects in Reduced-Beam Section Moment Connections, Advisor: James Anderson. D) Two-Dimensional Weighted Residual Method for Scattering and Diffraction of Elastic Waves by Arbitrary Shaped Surface Topography, Advisor: Vincent Lee. D.) Towards an Optimal Design of Feedback Strategies for Structures Controlled with Smart Dampers, Advisor: Erik Johnson. D.) Feasibility of Using a Lined Portion of the Los Angeles River for Artificial Recharge, Advisor: Jiin-Jen Lee. D.) User-Centric Smart Sensing for Non-Intrusive Electricity Consumption Disaggregation in Buildings, Advisor: Burcin Becerik-Gerber. D) New approaches in modeling and control of dynamical systems, Advisor: Firdaus Udwadia. D.) Effect of the Air Blast on Glazing Systems Safety: Mitigating the Injuries from Flying Glass, Advisor: James Anderson Chuen-Im, Chanin (Ph. D.) Model, identification & analysis of complex stochastic systems: Applications in stochastic partial differential equations and multiscale mechanics, Advisor: Roger Ghanem, ISBN: 978-0-54-978217-9. D.) Diffraction of SH-waves by surface or sub-surface topographies with application to soil-structure interaction on shallow foundations, Advisor: Vincent W. Martin, ISBN 0-542-20443-6Elmasry, Mohamed Ihab Sherif (Ph. D.), Multi-objective optimization for intermodal container freight terminals: Mathematical modeling of transport and operations, Advisor: James E. D.), The optimal cluster repair sequence for a transportation network following an earthquake, Advisor: James E.

D.) A Coastal Development Idea for Gulf of Thailand to Improve Global Trades, Advisor: Jiin-Jen Lee Daher, Nancy (Ph. D.) Stochastic characterization, realization and upscaling of polycrystalline materials, Advisor: Roger Ghanem, ISBN: 978-1-26-707740-0. D.) Investigation of physico-chemical characteristics of size-segregated particulate matter in a metropolitan environment and their impact on air quality in southern California, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas, ISBN: 978-1-26-707650-2. D.) Toxicological characteristics of particulate matter in an urban environment and their linkage to the source-specific constituents, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas, ISBN: 978-1-12-478915-6. D.) Superoxide Radical and UV Irradiation in Ultrasound Assisted Oxidative Desulfurization (UAOD): A Potential Alternative for Green Fuels, Advisor: Teh Fu Yen, Massoud Pirbazari, ISBN: 978-1-10-977139-8. D.) Influence of atmospheric processes on the physico-chemical properties of primary particles and their impact on public exposure, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas, ISBN: 978-1-10-929355-5. D.) Identifying remediation techniques and quantifying TMDL regulated pollutants for stormwater runoff in the Los Angeles region, Advisor: Joseph S. D.), Health monitoring of structures under ambient vibrations using semiactive devices, Advisor: Erik A. D.) Selective adsorption in ultrasound assisted oxidative desulfurization process with nano-engineered adsorbents: Mechanism and characterization, Advisor: Teh Fu Yen, ISBN: 0-549-00870-5. D.) Biological sulfate reduction in sulfate-rich industrial wastewaters by anaerobic fluidized-bed reactors: Effect of electron donors, Advisor: Massoud Pirbazari, ISBN: 0-549-38959-8. D.) Measurement and methods of assessing the impact of prevalent particulate matter sources on air quality in southern California, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas, ISBN: 0-549-00771-7. D.), A numerical study of pile behavior in large pile groups under lateral loading, Advisor: Geoffrey R. D.), Membrane bioreactor process for removing biodegradable organic matter and disinfection by-product precursors from water: Modeling and process efficiency, Advisor: Massoud Pirbazari.Dissertation: THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN HIGH-PERFORMANCE HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT, ORGANIZATIONAL CITIZENSHIP BEHAVIOR, AND UNIT PERFORMANCE AND VOLUNTARY TURNOVER IN THE FAST FOOD FRANCHISE INDUSTRY, Martin C.Non-Purdue users, may purchase copies of theses and dissertations from Pro Quest or talk to your librarian about borrowing a copy through Interlibrary Loan.(Some titles may also be available free of charge in our Open Access Theses and Dissertations Series, so please check there first.) Access to abstracts is unrestricted.- MS - A multiscale examination of the long-lived mesoscale convective vortex of 10-13 June 2003 2006 - Schreck, Carl J., III - MS - Equatorial Rossby waves and twin tropical cyclogenesis 2006 - Tang, Mingyu - MS - An estimate of secondary organic aerosol yield from VOC oxidation in NYC 2006 - Wagner, Keith R.- MS - Cool-season moderate precipitation events in the northeastern United States 2006 - Greenstein, Matthew D.D.) Size-Resolved Particulate Matter (Pm) In Urban Areas: Toxico-Chemical Characteristics, Sources, Trends And Health Implications, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas. D.) Data Worth Analysis in Geostatistics and Spatial Prediction, Advisor: Roger Ghanem Huang, Ziyi (Ph. D.) Stochastic And Multiscale Models For Urban And Natural Ecology, Advisor: Roger Ghanem. D.) Ultrafine particle concentration inside vehicles: models for exposure assessment, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas. D) Numerical and Experimental Study on Dynamics Of Unsteady Pipe Flow Involving Backflow Prevention Assemblies, Advisor: Jiin-Jen Lee. D.) Uncertainty Management For Complex Systems Of Systems: Applications To The Future Smart Grid, Advisor: Roger Ghanem. D.) Development Of A Nonlinear Quadrilateral Layered Membrane Element With Drilling Degrees Of Freedom And A Nonlinear Quadrilateral Thin Flat Layered Shell Element For The Modeling Of Reinforced Concrete Walls, Advisor: Roger Ghanem. D.) Vision-based studies for structural health monitoring and condition assessment, Advisor: Sami F. D.) Open Channel Flow Instabilities: Modeling the Spatial Evolution of Roll Waves, Advisor: Jiin-Jen Lee. D.) Meso-scale Kinematics in Shear Bands and Impact of Material Heterogeneity on Shear Band Development in Sand, Advisor: Amy Rechenmacher. D.) Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis of Highway Bridge Superstructures Exposed to Hurricane Waves. The case of the Greek strategic rivalry with Turkey.An appraisal of the right of return and compensation of Jordanian nationals of Palestinian refugee origin and Jordan's right, under international law, to bring claims relating thereto, on their behalf to and against Israel and to seek compensation as a host state in light of the conclusion of the Jordan-Israel peace treaty of 1994.


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