Research Papers Media Affects Eating Disorders

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The purpose of this brief report is to describe the comorbid diagnoses and high-risk behaviors in a sample of adolescents with bulimia nervosa (BN).

Eighty adolescents enrolled in a RCT for BN that compared family-based therapy with...

Medic specialist in chirurgie generala, este asistent universitar asociat in cadrul departamanetului de Chirurgie a UMF “Iuliu Hatieganu” Cluj-Napoca, are o bogata experienta chirurgicala si este implicat in proiecte de cercetare clinica in colaborare cu Universitatea Tehnica Cluj-Napoca in domeniul aplicarii tehnicilor de realitate virtuala in chirurgie si utilizarii hipertermiei in tratamentul multimodal al tumorilor.

Programari: Luni – Vineri / – Telefon: 40 364 140 261 Adresa: Clinica Venart Str. 27, Cluj-Napoca E-Mail: [email protected] study reported here integrates research on family-of-origin learning experiences and adult eating/thinness expectancies in the study of risk for eating disordered behavior.

more The avoidance paradigm has dominated the psychological conceptualization of anorexia nervosa, for many years.

According to that theory, "weight phobia" explains most of the behavioural expressions of the disorder, which are adopted to avoid aversive stimuli (i.e., weight gain and getting fat).

However, the conceptualization of anorexia nervosa as a simple phobic disorder is difficult to uphold, as it does not explain the sense of triumph, mastery, self-control and superiority that people suffering from this disorder experience when they are able to control their eating and lose weight.

Transdiagnostic cognitive behavioural theory, on the other hand, explains the egosyntonic nature of anorexia nervosa, attributing overvaluation of shape, weight and their control as the core psychopathology of the disorder, and considering weight phobia as a secondary expression of this core psychopathology.

Resumen Se analiza literatura sobre la influencia materna que los trastornos alimentarios y de la ingestión de alimentos (TAI) tienen sobre el desarrollo psíquico de los hijos.

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    A common myth about eating disorder is that it s a white girl s disease and only affect white, middle-to-upper class females in there teen or college years. The reality is that eating disorders do not discriminate. Individuals of any race, class, sex, age, sexual orientation can suffer from an eating disorder.…

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    BINGE EATING DISORDER Binge eating disorder, also known as BED or compulsive overeating, is a serious disorder, characterized by a recurrent, irresistible urge to overindulge or binge on food, even when you are painfully full.tags Health, Eating Disorders, Media Research Papers 1340 words 3.8 pages Eating Disorders and The Media Essay - Eating Disorders Affects and Prevention by Media Our society today is heavily influenced by the media and the imagery it shows.…

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