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As with the child and parents or guardians informed consent requires that the persons interacting with the child during the study be informed of all features of the research which may affect their willingness to participate.

All questions posed by such persons should be answered and the persons should be free to choose to participate or not, and to discontinue participation at any time. INCENTIVES: Incentives to participate in a research project must be fair and must not unduly exceed the range of incentives that the child normally experiences.

In complying with requirements for data sharing, researchers need to carefully consider whether they have provided data which, if combined, risks violating participant anonymity. MUTUAL RESPONSIBILITIES: From the beginning of each research investigation, there should be clear agreement between the investigator and the parents, guardians or those who act in loco parentis, and the child, when appropriate, that defines the responsibilities of each.

The investigator has the obligation to honor all promises and commitments of the agreement.

The investigator should respect the child's freedom to choose to participate in the research or not by giving the child the opportunity to give or not give assent to participation as well as to choose to discontinue participation at any time.

Assent means that the child shows some form of agreement to participate without necessarily comprehending the full significance of the research necessary to give informed consent.

The investigator also recognizes a duty to report general findings to participants in terms appropriate to their understanding.

Where scientific or humane values justify withholding information, every effort should be made so that withholding the information has no damaging consequences for the participant. REPORTING RESULTS: Because the investigator's words may carry unintended weight with parents and children, caution should be exercised in reporting results, making evaluative statements, or giving advice. IMPLICATIONS OF FINDINGS: Investigators should be mindful of the social, political and human implications of their research and should be especially careful in the presentation of findings from the research.

The Society shall provide vigorous leadership in the pursuit of scientific investigation that is based on the integrity of the investigator and the honesty of research and will not tolerate the presence of scientific misconduct among its members.

It shall be the responsibility of the voting members of Governing Council to reach a decision about the possible expulsion of members found guilty of scientific misconduct. PERSONAL MISCONDUCT: Personal misconduct that results in a criminal conviction of a felony may be sufficient grounds for a member's expulsion from the Society.


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