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If you intend to purchase Business Plan Pro from our US website you will not be able to download the software.To avoid backup CD prices, custom and excise duties we recommend that you use your local website which provides localised software.Other firms, however, may find that only a major rehabilitation effort will be sufficient to correct long-standing problems with infrastructure such as an ineffective floor plan, poor wiring to support information technology needs, or cramped office space.

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Effective building managers will typically take the initiative in talking with their business tenants so that these are more likely to feel a part of the project.

But if as an owner you feel that the facility's management is doing an inadequate job of informing you of renovation issues and schedules, it is entirely within your rights to demand more information and input.

After all, they do not want to lose tenants and go to the trouble of finding new ones.

Most will bend over backwards to help the tenant get past difficulties by making accommodations.

Renovation, for a business, may be a response to declining sales.

As an ancient Chinese saying has it: "When business slows, paint the counter red."A well-conceived and carefully planned renovation effort can revitalize a business and provide it with much-needed room to grow.Even a major renovation of an existing facility is likely to be considerably less expensive than the total costs associated with relocating to another facility.Perhaps even more importantly, existing patients and clients are accustomed to finding the office at a given location. Renovation strategies can vary considerably, depending on the needs and concerns of the office in question.They have to recognize that renovation efforts almost inevitably bring about some measure of inconvenience for tenants and their customers, but that they ultimately increase the value of the location for business operation.On the other hand, if a business owner spots a problem during a review of upcoming or ongoing renovation plans, he or she should bring it to the attention of building management.Other entrepreneurs, meanwhile, err on the other end of the spectrum by making unreasonable demands that may ultimately drag out the renovation process for several extra days or weeks.Small business experts counsel owners to instead adopt a middle ground.But owners can—whether they are building tenants or building operators—can take several steps to ensure that the negative aspects of renovation are minimized.Many small business owners are co-tenants of a building with other businesses.Renovation describes a series of planned changes and updates made to a facility where business is conducted.Office and building renovation will take place now and again in the environment of most business, at their own or at others' initiative, in response to new needs, technological pressures, or simply the need for maintenance and renewal.


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