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Legal sources such as cases and statues may be cited, along with secondary sources, for example, books and journals.

Legal sources such as cases and statues may be cited, along with secondary sources, for example, books and journals.

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At first I thought it was a reference to a classical author (spurred on a little bit by the character of Ibid in a Discworld book), but I realise now that it must have some technical meaning for referencing sources.

Ibid is a contraction of ibidem, a Latin word meaning “the same place.” This term is most commonly used for footnoting in scholarly texts, allowing the author to say “ibid” instead of citing a lengthy title.

In other words, if you cite The Effects of Factory-Produced Emissions on the Greater Nile Watershed: An Environmental Study once and follow with four additional citations marked with “ibid” before moving on to Cultural Practices in the Southern Nile Floodplain, an “ibid” after this source would refer to Cultural Practices in the Southern Nile Floodplain, not to the original text. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count).

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These should be listed in alphabetical order of the first significant word.

You may choose to separate the cases by jurisdiction.Other styles that document sources with footnotes or endnotes use point to a source that was cited in a preceding note.Even a direct quotation may not require a full parenthetical citation in this case—you can vary your citation style.If you’re not sure whether your paper clearly shows that you’re drawing multiple thoughts from one source, just ask your instructor, a classmate, or someone at your school’s writing center to give it a quick read.Intervening entries require a reference to the original citation in the form Ibid.OSCOLA referencing, sometimes referred to as Oxford referencing, is a style of referencing primarily used in UK academic content related to the law.The bibliography should include all secondary sources cited in the work in alphabetical order.The referencing in the bibliography for all sources will be identical to the referencing in the footnotes, aside from one minor difference in the formatting of the authors name.The following guidelines give examples of the citation required in the footnote, so remember to make the required amendments to the author's name in the bibliography.When referencing a case as authority, you must give the full name of the case along with its neutral citation.


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