Reading Habits In Essay

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In this symposium we present studies that have explored various aspects of reading habits and attitudes amongst children at various stages of their school lives.

In studying reading habits and attitudes we explore features of how schools have sought to provide environments which foster positive attitudes to reading.

“Typically, when you read, you have more time to think.

Reading gives you a unique pause button for comprehension and insight.

But to arrest the decline in the reading habit it would take much more than an appeal from the First Lady.

Instead, it would need the collective effort of society including that of parents, teachers, community leaders as well as the re-orienting of children and students which in today’s context of rapid growth of electronic technology certainly will be a herculean task.In turn, this may influence students’ intrinsic reading motivation.The study’s purpose was to qualitatively explore media specialists’ strategies to promote students’ reading motivation.Furthermore, regression analyses revealed different patterns of predictors of text writing for boys than girls, with print exposure (particularly to magazines) and attitudes to print accounting for additional unique variance in boys’ but not girls’ text writing.Conclusions: Boys reported less positive attitudes and less engagement with print than girls, and these factors were significant unique predictors of their writing ability.By and large, with oral language — when you watch a film or listen to a tape — you don’t press pause.”A literate mind is a more complex one.“There’s a richness that reading gives you,” Wolf says, “an opportunity to probe more than any other medium I know of.This suggests that increasing boys’ motivation to engage with print may provide a mechanism for raising educational outcomes through raising attainment in writing.Purpose: School library media specialists’ roles are often fluid, and individual media specialists may choose to enact their role very differently.In light of current concerns about attainment levels, particularly for boys, the current project sought to explore the role not just of foundation writing skills but also of attitudes to and engagement with print in pupils’ text composition.Method: 58 boys and 38 girls attending Year 7 (mean age: 12.42 years; SD 0.40) of a UK secondary school participated.


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