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Nowhere are psychology’s expansion and change seen more clearly than in the evolution of the APA. Stanley Hall at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, the APA began with 31 charter members.

Currently, there are over 60,000 APA members and 56 divisions with which these members and other interested psychologists can affiliate.

If you are writing about the case in general, try not to focus on the approach of the particular school.

Give the audience the diversity of points of view, analyze weak and strong sides of every theory.

For example, the early years of the 20th century witnessed the development and popularization of the now classic “schools of psychology” such as structuralism, functionalism, Gestalt psychology, and behaviorism.

World War II and the Korean War spurred the development of modern clinical psychology.

Of course, it may happen that the required psychology essay issue is too difficult to research or you simply have no time to work on it.

In this case, you can ask for help with your psychology essays.

Still, if you want to try yourself in something completely new, prepare to gather lots of data by yourself.

Your research paper may need a practical part (a questionnaire, a set of interviews etc) to prove your point, so make sure you have enough respondents willing to cooperate around.


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