Psychology Architecture Thesis

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Discovering how we react to both the built and natural surroundings might help us manipulate these environments to best promote health and healing.The typology of this project is a 4,000-square-foot cancer caring facility in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, where those struggling with the disease can go to gain information, spend time conversing with others, or simply find a private space in which to reflect and escape the stresses of a traditional hospital setting.Through the course, students are introduced with DSM-5 classification system and diagnostic criteria and related sample cases are studied.

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Topics for master's theses range from fundamental to very applied in nature, and allow the student to sculpt the programme according to his own personal research interests.

Not seldom, master’s theses from the programme lead to the publication of articles in scientific peer-reviewed journals.

Ethics which encompasses individuals, means and methods as an important aspect of the discipline of psychology is an important theme in psychological practices in clinical arena, conducting and publishing research, school-based practices, in training and inspecting trainees, developing various techniques, social cases, institutional and organizational consultations.

Within the context of learning the professional ethics, it is expected that current issues, cases and circumstances will be considered and ethical dilemma cases will be discussed, agreed and implemented.

Students should present ongoing therapy sessions during the course and, within the scope of the presentation, review of the case, pre-conceptualizations, the application of chosen psychotherapy modality and the process of the psychotherapy should be involved.

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The main aim of the course, empirically supported treatments are addressed and applied.

Distributions, percentiles, standard scores, item analysis and norms are widely studied as part of course content that form basic talents in interpreting and using the psychological tests.

One-way between subject ANOVA, One-way within subject ANOVA, Factorial ANOVA, Mix-Design ANOVA and Multiple Regression related problems are also studied as the part of course content.

To this end, issues such as determining the client's basic complaints, questioning the history of the disorder, behavioral and cognitive assessment, handling factors that may negatively affect the first interview, strategies for managing the first interview and evaluation of clinical symptoms and how to end the interview effectively and correctly are addressed.

In this course, the student gains effective listening and feedback skills.


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