Problem Solving Aptitude Test

to measure your work-related perception, judgement and reasoning, aptitude tests operate on the prinicple that there is only one correct answer to each test question, and that everyone can correctly solve all the test questions.The only difference between people is in how quickly they can correctly complete the test (i.e.These tests measure what psychologists refer to as your fluid and crystallised intelligence.

These skills include the ability to logically derive conclusions from written facts or data and quickly identify critical issues from written material such as reports.A non-verbal test, which uses shapes rather than words or text to measure someone’s fluid intelligence, this test is unique in its design.Each question includes a series of shapes with common logical rules. correct identification of the shapes’ logical rules) achieved within the allotted time gives a measure of your fluid intelligence.Evaluate your Aptitude test questions skills by trying the online exams and know your score.Start your best career with your Dream Job, Crack your Competitive Exam, Placement Interviews with Fresherslive - Free Online Aptitude Test Questions And Answers.If, for example, you can read a document and quickly identify the most important content, then there is a good chance that you have high verbal reasoning skills.Read more about the verbal reasoning test This test measures your numerical reasoning skills(or numerical analytical skills).The second component of intelligence that the aptitude test measures is crystallised intelligence.Crystallised intelligence is the ability to take from past experiences and learning and apply this knowledge or experieince to a situation.These skills are very different to your mathematical ability which is not measured by this test.These skills include the capacity to quickly identify critical issues from numerical data such as graphs and tables.


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