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During an ant attack, saving Leah does not once cross Orleanna’s mind.

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Belgium ruled the Congo, and America helped to promote a sense of dominion over it.

Many white people from these two countries felt a responsibility to make the Congolese nation much like theirs and to make the Congolese citizens think the same way they did.

Living in Kilanga exposed Leah to a new way of thinking and a new way of living.

Villagers worked together, helping each other survive on a daily basis.

Although it had crossed her mind, she never fully realized until then that her father was capable of being wrong- both in his way of thinking and in the way he treated his family.

This realization marks a huge turning point in Leah’s life, where instead of admiration and awe, Leah’s feelings turn into anger towards Nathan.When Nathan dies, she is the only one of her sisters who feels anything other than satisfaction.It takes Ruth May dying to begin opening Leah’s eyes so she sees what kind of man her father really is.Barbara Kingsolver’s The Poisonwood Bible follows the Price family after their decision to go to the Congo as missionaries.The story is told through the eyes of the mother, Orleanna, and her four daughters- Rachel, Leah, Adah, and Ruth May.His relationship to God is similar to Leah’s relationship to him.They are both waiting for approval, and in both places, the approval never comes.The head of the family, Nathan Price, practices a form of colonialism over his family.He controls the women and tries to determine every aspect of their being.For this transformation, she had to eliminate her old way of thinking, so she could be open to new ways.Before its independence, Zaire was known as the Congo.


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