Photographic Assignments

Because of the short time frame needed, they often ran the film on air still wet.

(You could actually see the watermarks on the film.) So, when " video production entered the scene, the stations quickly adopted it. Because of its nondestructive editing methods, speed, quality and versatility, video was the wave of the future for documentation, training, and promotional events.

On the photo shooting side of our business, we handled what we affectionately called "Grip & Grins" or "Smile & Handshakes" for most of the departments, as well as studio and location portraits.

We also processed a large number of archival copy work for agencies like Maine Historical Preservation Commission and others.

The old stereo view images on a cardboard base were a common original to work from.

This work continued to increase right into the 1980s.

Central Photo had just been created as a full service agency to provide still photographic assignments, and black and white film processing and copying to State agencies.

I was very anxious to be a part of this new service in the field of work that I love.

It was cumbersome and quite slow in candid situations, but it gave great results when used properly.

Unlike the films commonly used today, the film was processed in small, open trays and in complete darkness. Because we handled mostly public relations type work, some days we processed hundreds of 8 x 10 prints from each negative for news releases going to all Maine newspapers and magazines.


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