Persuasive Essay Hazing

This is the ritual and tradition that the military wants to be proud of.

They do not want to be known as being similar to a fraternity that focuses on humiliating and degrading any person who simply desires to become a part of the group.

The dependent variables used in reviewing this research paper include the relationship between hazing and sorority with cognitive development.

Another dependent variable is strong socializing skill development in relation to hazing.

The research also includes other surveys and studies already done in finding out the impact of sorority and hazing in the society.

According to Debard, half of the students on campus who are in groups such as teams, clubs, and organizations experience hazing.

A study conducted in universities and US colleges aimed at investigating the extent to which hazing influences the behavior of students.

The research also aimed at offering solutions based on the response of the data collected.

If a person is verbally abused, or suffers emotional distress, hazing could be taking place.

Since the military has received bad press in recent years about the hazing that is taking place......


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