Perfectionist Procrastinator Essay

Con – People don’t understand why little mess ups that wouldn’t bother the average Joe can bring you down so much.

Therefore, you know the incomparably amazing feeling of watching something that seemed impossible become possible.

Mistakes exist so we can learn from them and be better.

If the piece you’re trying to finish just isn’t turning out as you’d hoped, if you ran an ad campaign on social media that gets you zero new customers to your site, if the nobody buys the one design in your Shop you thought was going to be a bestseller – these are all potholes that help us figure out where the pavement needs to be smoothed, the tears in the muscles that build our strength.

It doesn’t matter if you’re working on a diorama for an art class you had to take for your core credits even though you’re a PR major; you’re going to stress over it.

Pro – People think you’re someone who really has everything together and look up to you.


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