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In addition, you can dramatically improve your AWM score just by practice.

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The GRE assumes no specialized knowledge for the Issue or Argument essays either on the part of the test-takers or graders. In other words, raters do not tally up your mistakes or check off boxes for things you do right.

Instead, they form a total reaction to your work based on how well it meets the following criteria: In other words, your writing needs to be compelling, lucid, and well-organized.

When typing onto a blank word processor in a testing center cubicle, it might be difficult to imagine a person on the other end who reads your work, but as the quote above notes, you might try to imagine a person for whom you’re writing.

In fact, an “intelligent, non-specialist member of the audience” more or less fits ETS raters to a T.

In the event of more than a 0.5 point discrepancy between the scores, a third rater comes in and assigns a final grade. GRE essay raters are overwhelmingly not full-time ETS employees.

Most do their work for ETS on the side, paid an hourly rate to grade a high volume of essays.

How can you achieve these goals in a limited amount of time?

As you write practice essays, focus on the key metric from each bullet point above. On our Free GRE Forums, we have an entire section dedicated to Analytical Writing.

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