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With this happening in the world it makes me wonder if we as the people are making the right the right choice when choosing the punishment. In this world I always wondered if the states made their own decision or if it was just the government who made the decision. Finally, they underline that practicing death penalty is not something that can stop violence and brutal killings, thus it will not work for increasing safety of our society.

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If you have got an assignment to write a death penalty essay, continue reading this small article to get some interesting ideas and tips as to writing this kind of academic paper.

First of all, let’s focus on the arguments of those people who are against death penalty as a punishment for heavy type of criminals.

They are convinced that death penalty can serve very effectively as a tool to provide social safety.

They are sure that death penalty can play a very powerful role as a deterrent and this way make criminals understand what price they are going to pay for doing such heavy criminal acts as murders, rapes, torturing their victims, etc. Capital punishment proponents believe that death penalty can also serve as a threat to those who are planning acts of terrorism and other serious criminal acts.

But if someone is raped it cannot be proven and the victim is left suicidal while the rapist goes about their day.

Both are major crimes but one has a sentence and the other one does not. After giving your thesis statement in the introduction of your essay (stating your viewpoint as to the issue, or saying if you are an opponent or a proponent of capital punishment), you can briefly mention the argument of the opponent side (in 2-3 paragraphs), and then bring your arguments to support your point of view.Another strategy is bringing the arguments of the opponent side one by one, and then responding to those with the argument supporting your own point of view. Capital Punishment Each year there are about 250 people added to death row and 35 executed.The death penalty is the most severe form of punishment enforced in the United Sates today.Finally, there is also an idea that exchanging capital punishment with life-long imprisonment is not a solution, and executing criminals is better and cheaper that supporting them in prison all their life long.They say that putting bad people to death is an expression of a true justice.Lethal injection is the most common form used today. Violence has gotten so out of control that it has affected everyone. They are convinced that death penalty is nothing else but an act of violence which has extremely negative effects on modern society.It violates the main right that we all have, the right to live, and executing capital punishment is nothing else but a cruel and brutal way to kill a human being.


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