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This comprehensive guide is designed to be a resource for individuals interested in a career as an accountant or CPA.

While it's limited in terms of opportunities, students who graduate with an associate's can transfer for a bachelor's degree at a local university.

Bachelor's Degree: Most universities offer bachelor's degree in accounting programs that require a minimum of at least 120 credit hours.

Accounting today is one of the most high-tech, cutting-edge professions out there, making advances in realms ranging from Big Data analytics to cloud computing to blockchain technology.

Accountants are the professionals who make sure that the money of corporations, governments, organizations, and individuals are being used well, and that means that, as long as there's money, accountants will be indispensable.

Some are self-employed while others work for large firms with offices across the nation.

While many accountants and CPAs work full-time, some work fewer hours throughout most of the year with long hours during tax season or the end of the budget year While associate degrees in accounting are available, most professionals in the field have at least a bachelor’s degree.A large amount of these classes will focus on accounting, business strategy and general education courses.As the most common type of degree, students can land auditing, financial planning, consulting and technical accounting jobs.Every accountant, at whatever level, should have a general understanding of basic bookkeeping, in addition to more complex understanding of areas like auditing, payroll, financial reporting, and (of course) taxes.Even if you've worked your way to the managerial or executive level as an accountant, knowing the lower-level, day-to-day work of accounting will make you a better leader.Can I start a successful career after four years of college or do I need to earn a master’s degree?Should I work for a large corporation or firm, or would I be better off on my own?Besides the conventional tax accountant or bookkeeper, an accounting degree can take students into the public sector as government officers or FBI agents; into music, fashion, sports, and Hollywood; into education, research, and policy-making; or into all sorts of profitable private practice.The financial rewards are considerable – the Bureau of Labor Statistics show the top 10% of accountants earning an average of 1,510 annually.Accountants with a four-year degree are able to complete most accounting duties.These include examining records, reconciling accounts, preparing financial reports and completing tax returns.


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