Painting Vs Sculpture Essay

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It is reprinted with the generous permission of the author and the publisher. Like currency, the commercial value of art is based on collective intentionality.There is no intrinsic, objective value (no more than that of a hundred-dollar bill).

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Printmaking is an art that involves not only the creative talent of the artist who conceives the image, but the skill of master printers using sophisticated and expensive equipment.

The Secondary Market Other than the purchase of new work either directly from the artist or the artist’s dealer, all art purchases, whether of Dutch Old Masters, 19th-century English seascapes, Impressionist paintings, or Cubist masterpieces, are secondary-market transactions.

What makes one painting or sculpture more or less expensive than another in this primary market is usually size.

Although the artist’s audience has not yet rendered an opinion about which type of work is better or more desirable than any other, and the artist may feel some smaller works are better than some larger ones, usually size wins out, and the smallest works are usually the least expensive.

It is neither utilitarian, nor does it seem to be linked to any essential activity.

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You cannot live in it, drive it, eat, drink, or wear it.

Depending on the medium used by the artist, there may be a cost of manufacture to consider.

In 1895 Auguste Rodin had to pay Le Blanc Barbedienne Foundry in Paris when he cast his ].

The larger the work, the higher the price, with the exception of paintings and sculptures that may be too large for domestic installation and require the kind of space usually found only in institutions, office buildings, shopping malls, and casinos.

Such works may be proportionately less expensive because they are harder to sell.


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