Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit Essay

Now that I do have a number of notions about sexual politics, this early observation holds good.There are shades of meaning, but a man is a man, wherever you find it.

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This leads Jeanette to one of her many philosophical musings, in which she recognizes the fact that her mother is unable to interpret the world without resorting to the use of binaristic thinking.

Instead of accepting the fact that these two men are, in due course, simply men, she resorts to approaching one of the men as a woman.

(27) It is in this moment that Jeanette begins her process of development and maturation: it is the moment in which she realizes that her mother doesn’t have all of the right answers, and neither does the church.

Thus, rather than resorting to donning the mother’s ideological perspective of the world, which consists of viewing things as either good or bad, Jeanette must learn to challenge herself to explore areas of contradiction and ambiguity that do not necessarily conform with the notions of right or wrong.

This desire to protect Jeanette from evil, in addition to the mother’s penchant for explaining phenomena using religious rhetoric, makes it increasingly difficult for Jeanette to adjust to the outer world.

For instance, Jeanette goes deaf for three months in the novel.The entire spectrum of fruit, in this interpretive view, would go on to represent the entire spectrum of gender–the mother’s efforts to impose oranges as the only good fruit go on to represent efforts to approach a single gender or sexual orientation has valid and legitimate.As can be expected, the mother’s views toward fruit also apply towards her views on gender and sexuality: “I remembered the famous incident of the man who’d come to our church with his boyfriend. ‘Should have been a woman that one,’ my mother had remarked” (127).But, as Jeanette remarks: This was clearly not true.At that point I had no notion of sexual politics, but I knew that a homosexual is further from a woman than a rhinoceros.Jeanette realizes that her condition is due to biological processes rather than spiritual rapture, and it is in this moment that she begins to question the perfection and infallibility of her church: Since I was born I had assumed that the world ran on very simple lines, like a larger version of our church.Now I was finding that even the church was sometimes confused. But not one I chose to deal with for many years more.Little is said as to why oranges are deemed to be the only fruit worthy of consumption.However, the meaning behind the orange is not necessarily based on the fruit itself, but rather, on how the fruit is used.Jeanette’s penchant for non-normativity is even expressed in her artistic inclinations and projects.While Jeanette is in school, she truly strives to win a prize in the school’s various artistic competitions.


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