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Users will, in most cases, retrieve our business training information on their home computer.Also, we are not required to personally see users in order for them to access our web site.To date, the company has developed approximately 700 pages of business training information.

Please refer to the quotation in the appendices for further details on the above computer hardware and software costs.

Financial treatment of the above capital equipment is provided under the financial section entitled "Notes to the Financial Statements".

OPERATIONS Section of the Business Plan(The Internet Company) The Internet Company will register its business name, under the Corporations' Act, as a limited company in January of 200X.

Other items of interest under the operations section include: Direct Materials: The only direct material required by the company is the business training information itself.

The company plans to locate its office in Wild Stone Creek, Mississippi in February of 200X.

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The rental expense is estimated at 0 per month; - total rent expense of $ 5,500 for 200X.

Since the business training information is still under construction, there is no need for the company to occupy office space prior to February of 200X.

Arrangements such as specific location, corporate address, telephone number, fax number, etc will be made in late January.

This firm has been chosen based on their quality brand names, competitive prices, and after sale service.

We feel that this supplier will greatly compliment our business and provide additional corporate balance.


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