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Put the OSSU-CS badge in the README of your repository!Upon completing your final project, submit your project's information to PROJECTS via a pull request and use our community channels to announce it to your fellow students.He also explains speaking and listening before reading and writing.

But students should take course that is relevant to the field they intend to go into.

The Advanced CS study should then end with one of the Specializations under Advanced applications.

She also shares practical details about how using an online tool makes it easier for students to practice and receive feedback on their pronunciation, how she assesses student learning, and how authentic texts might supplement the somewhat contrived material presented by language textbooks.

When Peter Weise set out to teach an advanced German course on the kinds of language used in professional settings, he discovered that there was no textbook available for the kind of course he wanted to teach.

You can create this project alone or with other students! Use our channels to communicate with other fellows to combine and create new projects! You can use any language that you want to complete the final project.

The important thing is to internalize the core concepts and to be able to use them with whatever tool (programming language) that you wish.

Your peers and mentors from OSSU will then informally evaluate your project.

You will not be "graded" in the traditional sense — everyone has their own measurements for what they consider a success.

Another option is using the Capstone project from taking one of the Specializations in Advanced applications; whether or not this makes sense depends on the course, the project, and whether or not the course's Honor Code permits you to display your work publicly.

In some cases, it may not be permitted; do not violate your course's Honor Code!


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