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(The candidate may speak from notes and use audio-visual equipment, but should not read the synopsis).The Chair then calls upon members of the Examining Committee to ask questions, ending with the Supervisory Committee Chair. This is followed by a second round of questions from the Examining Committee after which the Chair may question the candidate.The Chair also reports on attendance and any unusual circumstances related to the examination.

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The examination begins with a 20 to 30 minute synopsis by the candidate.This examination may be scheduled no sooner than two weeks after receipt of the thesis.The examination is open to graduate students, non-examining faculty, and invited guests.A minimum time of six to eight weeks must be allowed between transmission to the Dean and the date of the University examination.The Faculty of Graduate Studies administers the University Examination.The Dean appoints the Chair of the Examining Committee and schedules the examination in the examination theatre of the Faculty.The University Examining Committee consists of the student’s Chair and a quorum of the student’s committee, one member of the Department who has not been a member of the Advisory Committee or connected with the supervision of the thesis, and one member of another Department of the University who has not been a member of the Advisory Committee or connected with the supervision of the thesis.When Committee members agree that the thesis is ready for examination, the Chair informs the Anthropology Graduate Student Committee (AGSC).Upon receipt of a final draft of the thesis, the AGSC appoints one of its members to chair the Department examination.The Chair schedules the University Examination in consultation with the Faculty of Graduate Studies and with the Department’s Graduate Secretary so as not to conflict with other Departmental activities. The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies does not permit examinations during December and August.


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