Mystery Shopping Assignment

Turner’s bank, PNC, explains how these funds become available: However, that doesn’t mean that the check has actually cleared.

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This story is an unfortunate tale of the importance of taking heed of the basic premise: “If it sounds too good to be true — it probably is.” “I received an email from my fiancé about secret shopper opportunities at Walmart,” Turner recalled.

“After careful consideration, we both decided to pursue becoming mystery shoppers.” Turner and her fiancé applied for the position and soon received texts of their acceptance as “customer support conducting agents.” Any unsolicited job opportunity that arrives via email or text should always be considered suspect.

He also sent a photo of the numbers off the back of his card.

That ended poorly for him when he discovered the scammer had quickly stolen the entire value of his card.

Unfortunately, she soon discovered the current value of the two i Tunes gift cards: zero. The website for Ria, the wire transfer company, has a page dedicated to avoiding scams that involve wire transfers.

And there is no shortage of known scams that involve wire transfers.

She turned her anger not on the anonymous Salvador and his mystery shopper scam, but on her bank.

She demanded to know why the bank had detected that there might have been something wrong with her fiancé’s check, but she received no such warning.

One had already gone through, but the other one had not.

Luckily she was able to reverse one of the transfers, for 0.


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