Murders In The Rue Morgue Thesis Statement

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It would have been interesting if this one had included a news broadcast; I'm guessing it may have been aired sometime around June 1989..(?) It's possible it could have been broadcast in the late 80's.A young detective wishes to earn his wings and impress his fiance by solving a difficult murder mystery.

As for this episode itself, It's not the best RMT adaptation of An Edgar Allan Poe, I think "The Fall of the House of Usher" qualifies as that, but it is enjoyable.

The romance between Paul Hecht and Corine Orr is a little too corny, but otherwise this is a very fun listen. As he lectures Pierre-- all the points of deduction Poe was trying to illustrate-- are well represented-- the sifting of facts which are pertinent from those trivial. I agree, Poe's work is something else to be seen, but that's not how they were originally meant to be interpreted.

The techniques he employs are simple but effective. The lowdown: A couple stumble upon a terribly gruesome murder scnene in The Rue Morgue.

One victim is decapitated, the other one is dead and stuffed up the chimney. This episode accurately depicts the crime and the solution as written by Poe BUT some of the most significant clues are omitted.

I have listened to is several times and I will listen to it again. We want everything now and we refuse to allow our mind do the work.

Sometimes you have to learn to "imagine." A good listen even if it didn't follow the story as closely as I would've liked.These were written stories and they still leave frightening images in one’s own mind.This is one of my favorite adaptations of this story.Of course CBSRMT added characters and their development took up time so there was less time to deal with the details of the crimes.It's true the nature of the murderer is pretty improbable and the characteristics attributed to it are not wholly accurate (Did I hear the CBSRMT version refer to "black hairs"?The dialogue and acting was rather stilted, I think because they were trying to simulate what they thought was French people speaking English. The Edgar Allen Poe stories are the only episodes I actually remember from listening to RMT during the original run and I listened faithfully for about 5 or 6 months in 74/75; then came HS graduation and collage.Unfortunately, RMT wasn't something I continued, due to other interests at the time.Pretty simple, they must solve the crime, but they rely on an older gentleman to help the younger guy realize what he arleady knows from the clues. I don't know much about early mystery stories but Poe may have invented the detective story as we now understand it. For some reason, there is almost nothing of the strange voice heard by persons during the murders - mistaken by various people as russian or spanish or german - each witness being totally unfamiliar with the language in question.The strange voice, seeming to speak no human language at all, seems a totally perfect thing to use in a radio drama.I don't recall Poe making that mistake.) but it's still a memorable example of detective fiction with a grotesque turn.I like the actors, and the characters added for the CBSRMT version are not unpleasant. A second class gendarme is first on the scene to the apartment of his fiancé to investigate a double murder which has occurred next door.


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