Multiplication Problem Solving Grade 3

Multiplication Problem Solving Grade 3-77
Perform multiplication operation and carry over numbers carefully to find the product.

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In Grade 3, instructional time should focus on four critical areas: (1) developing understanding of multiplication and division and strategies for multiplication and division within 100; (2) developing understanding of fractions, especially unit fractions (fractions with numerator 1); (3) developing understanding of the structure of rectangular arrays and of area; and (4) describing and analyzing two-dimensional shapes.

Word problems take math understanding to the next level. These worksheets contain simple multiplication word problems.

They require children to use their reading comprehension skills while also applying everything they have learned in math class. The total cookies that you have are 48, since 4 x 12 = 48. The student should read the word problem and derive a multiplication equation from it.

This worksheet will help your student practice breaking down big numbers into expanded form using place value, from the ones place to the hundred thousandths place.

Word problems often trip up even the best math students.

Many get stumped trying to figure out what they are looking to solve.

Without knowing what is being asked, students may have trouble making sense of all the important information in the question.

Word problems are a great way for students to apply their math knowledge to real-world situations as they construct and solve the equations based on the information provided.

Help your child develop their place value superpower with this practice sheet!


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