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The design-based research study involved three iterative design cycles of a mobile app with input from a group of adult users to explore how a mobile app can prompt mindfulness states throughout the day using surrounding context and mental events as the attentional focus, and end-of-day reflections incorporating forms of cognitive reappraisal and body awareness.

Analysis involved self-report measures of mindfulness, behavior logs, and in-depth interview analysis, all mapped against conjectures that related design embodiments, to mediating processes, to outcomes of curiosity and decentering (two factors of a mindfulness state).

Although Twitter is often considered a site for casual communication, it has been playing an increasingly important role in social organization, mobilization, and in drawing attention to world events.

This study looks at participants’ experiences in building their professional networks and their evolving approach to scholarly communication, including an analysis of the participants’ extensive Twitter archives: in aggregate over 454,000 individual tweets over a 9-year period.

Over time, students publish journal articles and conference papers in addition to conducting the doctoral dissertation.

Educational Design for Sustainable Resilience: A Quisitive Inquiry of Everyday Consumption There is a growing popular, academic, scientific, economic, and political consensus in support of sustainable, healthy, and pro-social production and consumption.Cultivating Situated Mindfulness in Everyday Life: A Design-Based Study of a Mobile Approach Situated mobile learning is an expanding field that places computers as mediators of our relationship with the world around us, enabling an augmented experience that changes how we experience things and in turn make meaning out of those experiences.The dissertation asks the question, what does it mean for mobile devices that are always with us, to help us be more mindful throughout the day, especially within a context of urban living in the 21st century?The use of multimedia in digital environments has become a standard feature in most medical schools, but it has met with limited success.This study investigated the impact of stress and fatigue on general study resource selection, with particular interest in multimedia, and its limited uptake by medical students.Academic Twitter: Pushing the Boundaries of Traditional Scholarship This study examines how social media facilitate innovation and have come to challenge traditional academic practices of scholarly communication, evaluation, and peer review.It is a thematic analysis of ethnographic data collected from eight scholars who are active Twitter users.The point of purchase represents a nexus of the contemporary, globalized ecology of production and consumption and is, therefore, a space for intervention (i.e., product labels, consumer education, product information databases and apps, etc.).Ecopedagogy aims to educate about resilient, sustainable, healthy, and pro-social attitudes and behavior.A series of 58 focus groups with 107 third and fourth year medical students was conducted and a survey instrument was administered.Results produced a model of stress and fatigue for third-year medical students, and showed a statistically significant increase in multimedia usage under fatigue but not under stress alone.


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