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Ironically, the very abundance of its clichés has likely helped make it a runaway best seller: People, after all, like having their suspicions confirmed.For nonaddicts, reinforces the still dangerously prevalent notion that it’s easy to spot a drug addict or an alcoholic—they’re the ones bleeding from holes in their cheeks or getting beaten down by the police or doing hard time with killers and rapists.But why should we care that Frey seems incapable of this?

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Instead of a crack-binging street fighter, ostracized by both his peers and society, the Smoking Gun investigation indicates Frey was more likely a lonely, confused boy who may or may not have needed ear surgery as a child and felt distant from his parents and alienated from his peers.

A Man walks out on stage and Everyone starts clapping.

I recognize the Man as a famous Rock Star who was once a Patient here.

For those struggling with their own substance-abuse issues, sends the message that unless you’ve reached the depths Frey describes, you don’t have anything to worry about—you’re a Fraud.

And if you do have a problem, you don’t need to necessarily get treatment or look to others for support; all you need to do is “hold on.” In building up a false bogeyman—the American recovery movement’s supposed reliance on the notion of “victimhood”—Frey has set himself up as the one, truth-telling savior.


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