Mies Van Der Rohe Working Thesis

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Here’s an extract from our new Mies monograph, by Detlef Mertins: “Although initially published in 1917, Thompson’s book appeared in a new and expanded edition in 1942 that circulated widely amongst architects, engineers and artists in England and the United States.

Celebrated in science as the first extensive account of the dependence of form on the dynamics of growth in organic and inorganic matter, it appeared on lists of recommended readings for architecture students at IIT [the Illinois Institute of Technology, where Mies taught].

This is the second time for the Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences hosting the exhibition of the Young Talent Architecture Award, continuing to promote the debate and raising awarness of the Award to its students.

This is a digitized version of an article from The Times’s print archive, before the start of online publication in 1996.

Other significant projects were the Oakland Alameda County Coliseum of 1966, in California, which includes a circular arena 420 feet in diameter, ringed by a 70-foot-high glass wall behind enormous concrete X-braces; and The Republic newspaper plant in Columbus, Ind., completed in 1971, whose delicate aluminum and glass skin allowed passers-by to view the newsroom and pressroom.

Left unbuilt was the Ruck-a-Chucky Bridge, which was to have spanned the American River in Auburn, Calif., northeast of Sacramento.Crowning a mountaintop near Tucson, the structure looks like the bottom half of the letter K, with a 110-foot tower joined to a shaft that runs 500 feet above and below ground.Both tower and shaft are diamond-shaped, clad in copper panels that are painted white.At the time of his death, he was a member of a team organized by the institute to design a 115- to 120-story office, hotel and commercial structure in Seoul for the Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company.The project, known as "Hankang City," may end up as the world's tallest building. Goldsmith is survived by a son, Marc, of Tempe, Ariz.; a daughter, Chandra, of Boston, and a sister, Bernice Colner of Pacific Palisades, Calif.Although it appears abstract, the shape is actually a reflection of pure function, since the 32-degree angle of the shaft parallels the axis of the earth's rotation, allowing the viewing angle of the sun to remain constant. Moreover, he was disarming in person, almost an antithesis of his architecture; perpetually rumpled, with a bird's-nest tangle of hair and a shy, soft-spoken demeanor.And the diamond shape helps reduce wind turbulence on the surface. Goldsmith distilled his philosophy in a 1987 monograph: "A building should be built with economy, efficiency, discipline and order."The work of Miesian architects was widely dismissed in the 1970's and 80's as cold, sterile, repetitive and inhumanly scaled. "He managed with gentleness to exist and prosper in a field that is otherwise eaten up by tigerish egos," said Franz Schulze, an art historian and Mies biographer. Goldsmith was born in Chicago and graduated in 1939 from the Illinois Institute of Technology, where he studied under Mies, whose Chicago office he joined in 1946.By using grid-based structures to look at form in nature, the exhibition challenged the apparent opposition between geometric and organic approaches to contemporary architecture and design'.” Amazingly, these same ideas were being put into practice on the other side of the Atlantic.Mies van der Rohe, took On Form and Growth more literally, seeing the close comparison of animal skeletons to manmade engineering mirrored in his own desire to see his tower blocks stripped to their structural core.For the inauguration of the intervention, on June 20th from 18.00, MAO will organize public discussion and will open the exhibition that will showcase all competition entries.The exhibition presents the 334 projects submitted by 451 students from over 118 Schools and 99 cities that were nominated for the Young Talent Architecture Award (YTAA) 2018.


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