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This is the time of year when she and her office start doling out the final decisions on applications, and some of the news can be devastating to students, especially those who have been denied admission to the school twice, first as high school seniors applying through the Preferred Admission program and then again as University of Michigan freshmen.

They need a GPA of 3.68, so their GPA needs to be high and college courses are really tough.

It’s not that it is easier per say to get in, but the numbers are much more in their favor.

Do students stand a better chance at getting into Ross if they decide to apply to the school their freshman year versus through the Preferred Admission program?

The numbers are in their favor if they apply their freshman year.

Last year, we had a 50 percent increase in our Preferred Admission application pool. We didn’t admit any more students, we just had larger application numbers and more students enrolling who wanted to do business.

There are two ways that students can go about getting into the Ross School, applying as a high school senior or applying as a University of Michigan freshman.She often has to advise parents and students on what the next steps should be if they don’t get one of the coveted 500 seats in the class, and explain how they can still have a Ross-like experience without getting a bachelor of business administration degree.“I often feel that we’re the office of denial, not the office of admission,” said Moody Rideout, who held counseling roles at the University of South Carolina and Ohio Wesleyan University before coming to the University of Michigan in 2007.“ A student who is turned away for regular admissions feels that it is their last shot, so that is where the counseling approach comes in.That’s a 36% acceptance rate, compared to the 10% or 11% acceptance rate in the Preferred Admit program.What do students applying through the regular admissions process need to do to get an edge in the admissions process? The first conversations I have every year are with the 4.0s that are not admitted.A GPA of 4.0 on the University of Michigan campus is exceptional, but if you’re not involved in anything on campus and your essays aren’t great, you aren’t going to be admitted.That is a hard conversation for me to have with students and their families.The admissions team prizes strong communication and interpersonal skills as well as community-oriented applicants with a strong idea about how Ross could accelerate their careers.Core to the Ross MBA is the Multidisciplinary Action Project (MAP), a mandatory 8-week team consulting project in 2nd semester of year 1. This signals Ross’ commitment to action-based learning and preparing first year students for internships and jobs in new industries/functions as 88% of graduates make the switch.Son got his Bachelors from Notre Dame and his Masters of Science in Strategic Communications from Columbia. Blaire Moody Rideout’s background in student counseling and advising has come in handy in her job overseeing the undergraduate admissions office at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business.


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