Medical Post Graduate Thesis

Must defend his/her dissertation within the deadline set by the graduate school. Must adhere to the comments set by the panellists in the work they defend. Must submit a final document (both hard and soft copies) to the research coordinator. Final grade of the dissertation has to be issued on the very day of defence and must depend on the quality of the student’s dissertation evaluated by the panellists at the time.

The additional 2 credits may be completed in any department at Mc Gill.

Link to GMS Research, Thesis, Capstone and Dissertation Page GMS_Masters Thesis Template (updated Jan/2014) PLEASE NOTE: The Research Guide For Writers Of Theses (#1 above) indicates that a Master’s thesis abstract should be no more than 250 words.

The socio-political and economic future of any country’s students depends on its teachers.

The SPGSR equips her students with strategic skills to prepare them to address practical problems of society.

For any Master student to excel in this exam, he or she must have fulfilled the following criteria: 1.

The Master Candidates must have studied a Research Methods Course, examined and passedbefore they start on the Thesis Proposal and later the Final Theis/Dissertation. The candidate must have gone through all the stages of research including submission of the research topic to the research coordinator, written a research proposal and submitted it the designated time, collected data and analysed it under the supervision of the assigned supervisor.GMS Abstracts can be up to 750 words (approximately 2 pages).ICMR being a premier research agency for formulation, coordination and promotion of Biomedical Research in the country is also engaged in promoting critical mass of human resources as well as fostering research temperament amongst medical graduates.The FMER’s ultimate goal is to advance knowledge to: (1) constantly inform family medicine curricula innovations and continuing professional development to better family physicians’ clinical practice, (2) significantly contribute to the development of the family medicine education field of inquiry, and (3) rigorously develop and inform medical education policy.This research agenda of FMER is articulated into four interrelated streams: (1) family physicians’ professional identity formation; (2) information use and technology in the learning episodes of practicing physicians and organizational learning; (3) mentoring in family medicine education, and (4) knowledge synthesis.If we want to be a successful university/institution in the 21st C, we must make sure we empower our students and faculty so that they can be better than we are.Only then, can theyperform their activities and responsibilities not like other institutions do but in differently smarter ways in order to achieve extremely tangible results.Amongst its several Human Resource Development Programmes, the Council is pursuing Postgraduate programmes through recognized medical institution.This scheme is primarily aimed at promoting good quality research in medical college’s students pursuing post graduation courses as well as to improve visibility and accessibility of their research work to larger research audience.Gollis University THESIS/DISSERTATION CONDITIONAL GRADING GUIDELINES: NOLONGER A MISSING PIECE AT THE SCHOOL OF POSTGRADUATE STUDIES WEBSITE.The School of Postgraduate, Graduate Studies and Research (SPGSR)congratulates the two students who have successfully defended their theses.


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