Math Story Problems 4th Grade

Math Story Problems 4th Grade-57
This allows students to focus on the routine of solving a word problem daily and the process you want them to take before, during, and after solving a word problem.

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To solve each word problem in this math worksheet, students must decide which operation to use: addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.

Most of these real-life problems involve arithmetic with money.

The bundles include three main sets with three sets inside of the main sets for a total of 180 word problems.

And the best parts are that the third set of each main set contains multi-step problems AND the sets are skill-based so you can ensure your students are only seeing word problems for skills you have taught. Click on your grade level to see the bundles: 4th Grade Word Problem of the Day BUNDLE 5th Grade Word Problem of the Day BUNDLE ***** How do you ensure you expose your students to word problems on a regular basis?

Confession: It was my first year teaching and one month before the state test, I realized that I had failed to expose my students to enough word problems for them to be successful and confident with them.

I was so caught up in the pacing guide and using the math textbook that I failed to make the math real world and situational for my students.

Just put your email address in the box below and the starter packs (both Set A and Set B) will be sent to your inbox!

Once you finish with the starter packs, I have grade level sets available for purchase so you can continue your word problem of the day routine all year.

I touched on this a bit already but here are some more benefits of using a word problem of the day routine in your classroom: There are two versions, labeled Set A and Set B. One problem per page format: This format works well for projecting the problems via a smartboard or printing them out to place at a math center.

Set A has problems for addition and subtraction with 4-digit numbers and basic multiplication and division problems. This set is ideal for the beginning of 4th grade (or the beginning of 5th graders who struggle with math). One problem per page with student workspace: This format works well for giving each student a word problem daily.


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