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Main craft element is the juxtaposition (or associative leaps between) language and imagery Still, even with an understanding of its traits, many wonder how to go about critiquing the lyric essay.And while I would no sooner advise someone on this than I would critiquing contemporary art or the mechanics of modern dance, I do think it’s fair to ask whether the piece I am an East-coaster and a West-coaster. I am an environmental scientist who always wanted to write, and a writer with a nagging nostalgia for the complexities of environmental science.All great, but here was the problem: when I would share my lyric essays in workshops and writing circles, I noticed that people were often reluctant to critique, like they didn’t know whether to eat what I had served with a fork or with a spoon.

Main craft element is the juxtaposition (or associative leaps between) language and imagery Still, even with an understanding of its traits, many wonder how to go about critiquing the lyric essay.

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In preparation for my recent graduate student presentation on the lyric essay, I came across an array of interesting quotes and ideas about what, exactly, the lyric essay is.

From Chris Offutt’s tongue-in-cheek —Which reveals a common misconception about the lyric essay: that it is merely an ornamental device, a compliment to one’s writing, a label to which one’s work aspires, like “powerful” or “poetic.” When in fact, the lyric essay is a , an intended form of essay that seeks to deepen the artistic experience of creative nonfiction, just like modern art and contemporary performance art movements seek to evolve their own forms of artistic expression.

And rather than being strictly disciplined in form and movement, formulaic in its positioning —like ballet or a 5-paragraph essay— the lyric essay is more organic in its movement, free to borrow devices and techniques from other genres and art forms to illustrate the quest for understanding. Experimentation with form: • Exclusion of linear, logical sequence — organized by themes other than chronology 2.

Uses the power of inference — more active reliance on reader’s intuition to complete the narrator’s thought 3.

And here I mean John D’Agata, the lyric essay editor at Seneca Review since 1997 and the antagonist (depending on your point of view) in the book The Lifespan of a Fact where he was pitted against dogged fact-checker John Fingal of The Believer.

In short, I prefer not to endorse such carelessness with the truth even tacitly or by implication.

Above all, I am a mother — so whether I’m writing about the natural world, family, or place, I like to consider my work as environmental advocacy in the broadest sense.

Brevity Magazine’s blog has been devoted to reviews of AWP panels these past few weeks.


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