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The Five-Paragraph Model This case introduces the five-paragraph structure you should use to write your writing sample.It also introduces a two-stage prewriting process that you should use to plan and organize your five-paragraph essay.

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Second, to succeed on this section, all you have to do is write a decent essay. If an admissions officer is on the fence about your application, or if you are at the top of a short list, he or she might read your essay looking for red flags—your grammar, syntax, or spelling are atrocious, your essay is poorly organized, you didn’t follow the instructions of the section (these are all warning signs that you’re likely to struggle academically), or you have a bad attitude.

As long as you write a competent essay that doesn’t trigger any alarm bells, you’ve done your job.

Case 2 discusses eight general principles of good writing that are particularly pertinent to the writing sample.

Learning and adhering to these principles will help you produce a polished, reader-friendly essay.

Your task is to write a persuasive essay that argues in favor of one option over the other option. One option is not inherently superior to the other.

In fact, the prompts are designed so that either option is a defensible choice.It’s impossible to write a clear and organized essay unless you begin writing with an idea of what you want to say and how you want to say it. You’re given 35 minutes to work on the writing sample.You should spend roughly the first 10 minutes of your time doing prewriting.Main page PDf library AP exam SAT exam Test Prep Biology Chemistry Geography Economics Language Literature Mathematics Pedagogy Physics Science Social science Statistics Summary & Essay Computer science History Feedback Nonfiction In this chapter, you will learn: Why there’s no reason to worry about the writing sample A five-paragraph essay structure you can use no matter what topic you’re writing about The rules of mechanics, usage, and style that are particularly important on the Writing Sample section The writing sample is not scored. The LSAC simply scans what you’ve written and sends a copy of it to each law school that you apply to.The law schools are free to do with it whatever they see fit.It might feel repetitive at first, but using it will make your writing focused, easy to follow, and persuasive. This is the style of writing that law school admissions officers and the professors on law school admissions committees are accustomed to seeing.Therefore, it’s the style of writing you should adopt in your writing sample. The Two Stages of Prewriting Think before you write.The Format of the Writing Sample The writing sample is an exercise in priority setting and comparative decision making.The prompt will present you with two options and ask you to select whichever one of them better accomplishes two stated goals (we’ll call them goal A and goal B).The prewriting process and five-paragraph essay structure you’ll learn in this case will help ensure that your writing sample demonstrates clarity and good organization—two qualities that are very important to the law school admissions officers who might read your essay.Admittedly, the five-paragraph structure is a little bit mechanical and formulaic.


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