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In 1866, at age 61, he learned of gold discoveries in Montana and set off with a wagon train for the gold fields, but caught pneumonia along the way and died on May 16 in southeastern Oregon.A historical marker near the town of Danner marks the spot.

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Appleman's, first published by the National Park Service, devotes half its space to a good summary of the expedition's story and its second half to an annotated listing of the principal historic sites along the route.

Question: How did Lewis and Clark get mail -- and the prairie dog -- back to Jefferson? The prairie dog -- and everything else: reports, animal skins, Indian corn, etc. Louis, put onto another boat going down the Mississippi to New Orleans, then put onto a sea-going vessel from New Orleans to Washington.

It all arrived in August of 1805 -- on the same day Lewis was ascending Lemhi Pass nearly three-quarters of a continent away.

Jean Baptiste Charbonneau -- "Little Pomp" to William Clark -- was educated in St.

Louis under Clark's supervision and later became a traveling companion to a German prince, who took him to Europe for five years, where he learned several languages.


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