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I believe leadership is defined by Leadership Theories The three leadership theories that have the most influenced on my thinking on leadership and leaders are: the leadership grid, servant leadership, and authentic leadership.Below I will discuss the major components and importance of the selected theories.

There is a wide variety of theories to explain the concepts and practice of leadership.

I will provide an overview of the more dominant or better known theories.

“Leadership is often achieved by meeting” these three “basic human needs” (ACU, 2012).

By implementing leadership theories that meet at least one of these needs you will be able to create a team with a purpose.

[tags: Leadership, Sociology, Social psychology] - Transformational leadership is among the more recent leadership theories.

It focuses on a leaders ability to inspire followers and it does so by focusing on a vision that can change the structures around the organisation. In this guide, we will hope to answer the above questions and delve deeper into the model of transformational leadership....

Al- Sawai (2013) suggested that while designing a management structure....

[tags: Leadership, Management] - Early leadership theories focused on the qualities that distinguished leaders and followers, while later theories considered situational factors, specific skills and interpersonal relationships (Rost, 2007).

The author of the post will briefly discuss two theories, Fiedler contingency theory and Leader-Member Exchange (LMX), and compare and contrast their strengths and weakness.

Fiedler’ model is considered the first highly visible theory to present the contingency approach.


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