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Beyond their significance to the plot, kites have multiple layers of symbolism in the story.One of these layers involves the class difference between Amir and Hassan, which largely dictates and limits their relationship.At the same time kite fighting is violent, the mere act of kite flying is innocent and speaks of freedom.

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This image can be seen to represent Amir and Hassan's shared sense of freedom, one that takes them away from life's realities until the kite is grounded again.

tackles the issue of ethnic discrimination in Afghanistan with an example of the relationship between Pashtuns and Hazaras.

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One can tell kites are central to the novel just by reading its title, "The Kite Runner." On a plot level, the grand kite tournament of 1975 sets a circle of betrayal and redemption into motion, around which the story revolves.

When Hassan dies defending Baba's house, he does so not because he feels it belongs to him, but because he is being loyal to Baba and Amir.

In Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, discrimination is everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

After Hassan gets raped while running his kite, Amir cannot separate kite fighting and running from his own betrayal and cowardice.

Therefore, even after all of his injuries and trials on Sohrab's behalf, it is the act of kite running that finally makes him feel redeemed.

So strong is Hassan's identity as a servant that even as an adult, when Baba is gone, he has no sense of entitlement.

He insists on staying in the hut and doing housework.


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