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People become lonely, mainly because of virtual reality where they can hide from difficulties of the real world.So they don’t need to build relationships and feel real empathy.

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Would you like to live in this world without any kindness? Send us your answer and we will check it thoroughly like we check paperwork for grammar. Just appreciate kind people you meet in your life and take an example from them.

Let the kindness win not only in tales or American comedies but in real life too. It’s my own experience, education, inspiration, and google.

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But still, it’s very important to be kind for each person and for all society in general.

Kindness is a long-term investment into socialization and communication.

For example, Desmond Doss was an unarmed medic but he rescued 75 people in Hacksaw Ridge fight between Americans and Japanese.

And what’s more important is that he saved the lives of his enemies too. Or is it just a wish to get some profit after your actions? They don’t think about any profits their kindness could give them.

It’s an essential feature of social development and evolution.

Just imagine that all people in the world are not kind, they are egotistical and they think and take care only about themselves. Relationships without soul and inspiration, just consumer society. There should be always a place for kindness in your heart.


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