John Simpson Kirkpatrick Essay

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The Australian New Zealand Army Corps suffered an inconceivable casualty list.

The Turks were hit by other attacks from the allied forces and strengthened their defenses on the peninsula making it nearly impossible for the Anzacs to penetrate.

Although Edith Cowan has passed away she is remembered for illustrating the Australian spirit of fighting for what you believe in.

She led a new generation of independent women, a role model for all Australians.

Witnessing her husband's work she noticed the partial judgments made by the court involving women's rights.

Such as a husband who beat his wife was not seen as serious crime.Simpson showed every aspect of a 'true Australian', including bravery, independence, friendly in nature, polite and a bit of a larrikin.Simpson was not the only Australian to display this character, Edith Cowan one of Australia's most famous women showed the Australian spirit helping thousands of women by fighting for equal rights to men.This courage reflected on the world - view of Australia.We had proved that we were able to defend ourselves in a time of war and were a force to be reckoned with.She was also worried that women were not getting adequate medical treatment and played an instrumental role in the building of Perth - King Edward's hospital for women.During World War 1 Edith's kind-hearted nature was demonstrated collecting food, clothing and other items for the soldiers on the front lines.These people are highly regarded in the community as they have contributed to the people of Australia.For this reason they are often popular and their story is incorporated into a tale where the truth maybe lost maximizing their heroism.These men and women did an invaluable service for our country.One person who represents the Anzac spirit is John Simpson Kirkpatrick.


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