Japanese And European Feudalism Comparison Essay

Japanese And European Feudalism Comparison Essay-18
Aistear is the Irish word for journey and is Ireland’s Curriculum framework for early childhood.

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They both had religious beliefs such as Buddhism and Christianity.

Japan was an island and was isolated, whereas Europe wasn’t isolated nor an island. These samurai were trained professional warriors who served daimyo and shoguns.

Japan’s topography included many mountains, undersea volcanoes, and barely any flat land to farm on.

The Japanese didn’t only work they also practiced their religion.

The samurai warriors wore light armor, helmets (usually shaped like an animal), and had two swords around their waist.

Japanese And European Feudalism Comparison Essay Dissertation Plagiarism

Their armor had a lot of detail and color to it, like their unique helmets.

After the samurai comes the peasants, which included farmers and fishermen.

They usually always work, then pay takes to the shogun.

For example, they put nature themes into their art and literature because their religion was based on these calming nature themes.

The Japanese based their lives on the Samurai Society, and their religion.


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