Is Napoleon A Good Leader Animal Farm Essay

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George Orwell's Animal Farm is to show how much absolute power is corrupt as Stalin did after the Russian Revolution of 1917.

On a fable animals farm, each character represents a political figure during the Russian Revolution.

Napoleon used propaganda, operation, and fear to gain more loyalty and strength throughout the farm.

- Animal Farm Essay - George Orwell, author of "Absolute Power Corruption, Absolute", published his novel "Animal Farm" in the mid 1940's.

This is a dark "fairy story" depicting the imaginary society of animals living on the farm.

Their rebellion under their rule and the establishment of a new life system brought the final decline of the new system.

For example, Joseph Stalin is a pig named Napoleon, another is Squealer, the advertising department of Stalin, and the dog is a secret police (KBG).

- George Orwell 's Animal Farm is a legendary fairy tale that uses irony, satire and allegory to portray the real identity of Communist Russia censored by the media.

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