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Read the paragraph below and see if you can identify the key features of an introduction.This is an introduction written in response to the essay question: 'Can Rome's actions towards Carthage be described as defensive imperialism?You take a piece of writing and try to discover how and why it is put together the way it is.

Your thesis should answer a question about how an important element in the piece of literature works.

The purpose of English Literature Essays is to deliver perfection essays on fictional works for students of English Literature.

The literary analysis essay is to wisely observe and every now and then value a work of literature or a facet of a work of literature.

English Literature Essays are valuable for amateur students who wish to improve their knowledge of literary writings.

An outline structure for Literary Analysis Essay is as follows: Introduction (Use HATMAT) - Begin the first paragraph creatively to catch the reader’s interest, providing the background about literary work which prepares the reader for the major thesis.

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The introduction must include the author and title of the work as well as an explanation of the theme.

Literary essays stand distant from all other forms of nonfiction writing, the text must prove a considerable expertise of writing practices and show a sense of language.

In other words, Literature essays must be well written.

While at times conveying a message unlike opinions literary essays are not intended to convince, even though affecting the way people think is often a result whenever information and concepts are communicated.

Literary essays may involve individual experience and live upon individual thoughts; the main point of literary essays is the subject of the essay and not the writer.


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