Internal Resistance Coursework

These experiments assume prior knowledge of the concept of electric current.Health & Safety and Technical Notes Modern dry cell construction uses a steel can connected to the positive (raised) contact.Train wheels and axles provide an electrical connection between the two rails on which they travel.

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Some cell holders have clips which can bridge the insulator, causing a Modern dry cell construction uses a steel can connected to the positive (raised) contact.

Some cell holders have clips which can bridge the insulator causing a Health & Safety and Technical Notes Modern dry cell construction uses a steel can connected to the positive (raised) contact.

(iii) How much power is dissipated in the cable while the heater is switched on? Sketch a diagram of the modified circuit and calculate the resistance of the voltmeter. b) If the cloud rises to 1250 m, what change in electrical energy occurs? Determine the voltage across and the charge stored in each of the capacitors shown in the circuit below. A current of 1 m A enters the resistor network shown at A and leaves at B.

(iv) State two reasons why thinner wire is unsuitable for the copper core. a) Redraw the circuit shown below with an ammeter included, positioned so that it shows the current passing through only the 5 Ω resistor. c) What power will be dissipated in the 5 Ω resistor? A cell of negligible internal resistance is connected in series with a microammeter of negligible resistance and two resistors whose resistances are 15 kΩ and 30 kΩ.

If short lengths of wire are used with relatively high currents and voltages, then significant electrical heating may also occur.

Students should be encouraged to adjust the voltage to keep currents small with every set of readings.These are easy to assemble with the item to be tested being the missing component in a simple series circuit consisting of lamp, cell and connecting wires.Learning how to trouble-shoot a circuit probably teaches more than circuits which give the predicted result the first time.This is quick to do if three cells are connected in series to three rows, each consisting of three lamps, so that all lamps glow with normal brightness.If possible, new cells should be used at the beginning of each year and the old cells used up doing other jobs.Students use their existing knowledge of resistors combining in parallel, and of internal resistance, to explain its operation.Apparatus and Materials It is often up to a teacher and a particular class to decide what equipment to use to introduce electric circuits.(i) What approximately is the current through the cable when the heater is switched on?(ii) If the diameter of the copper core used is 1.78 mm, use the graph to determine the resistance of the connecting cable needed to carry the current. b) When a voltmeter is connected in parallel with the 15 kΩ resistor, the current in the microammeter increases to 250 μA. b) An isolated conducting sphere of radius 1.00 cm is supported by a fine insulating thread and charged to a high potential, V, relative to Earth with an electrostatic device. c) A 22n F capacitor is connected in parallel with a high resistance voltmeter as shown above. The small conducting sphere, already charged, is brought into contact with the point P. Calculate: (i) the charge transferred to the 22n F capacitor (ii) the initial potential, V, of the small conducting sphere ( has its usual value). A thundercloud has a horizontal lower surface area of 2 km V above the earth.There are two general types of equipment used in schools for experimenting with electric circuits: Give students simple instructions on how to use the kit.As work progresses, make simple testing devices available, to test whether a cell is flat, a lamp is broken, or a lead not providing a good connection.


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